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Let me wallow in my misery

Flip-flop, it’s that sound again,
It really won’t go away,
I’m dragging my feet,
Cos I’m in a bad mood,
It’s been a horrible day!

Thump-thump, you’re making it worse,
I’ve now got an ache in my head.
I won’t cheer up yet,
I want to be sad,
I’m going up to my bed.

Thud, thud, I hear steps on the stairs,
Just leave me alone I shout,
I’m really fine,
So go back down,
Tomorrow I will be up and about!

At last some peace,
No more flop, thump or thud,
I think I’ll just watch some TV,
It’s just for today,
That I’m being a grump,
Let me wallow in my misery.

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