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I cannot reach round my fattened knees

My toe nails need painting for my holiday,
This has become a big problem for me,
I cannot reach round my rusty knees,
To get to my toes you see!
Perhaps I could use a long paint brush,
But there’s still the issue with my belly,
It’s grown so large over the last few months,
It’s like a big mound of jelly.
I’ve tried breathing in and bending over,
But I still can’t get down to my toes,
It feels like I’m in a straight jacket,
Perhaps I should take off my clothes!
Someone should invent a spray gun,
And special masking tape for each nail,
Then I could spray from a distance,
A great idea, now how can that fail?
I cannot reach round my fattened knees,
To put on the masking tape,
So I am back with the very same problem,
It must be something to do with my shape.
A diet I think is the answer,
I really must lose all this fat,
But it will have to be after my holiday,
I will exercise to get my stomach flat.

But my toe nails need painting for my holiday…….

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