Ten Cuddly Puppies


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Ten Cuddly Puppies

Ten cuddly puppies
lying on the mat,
The first called Roly Poly
because he is so fat,
The second one is Bonnie
as she looks really cute
The third is the biggest of all
and so we named him Brute
The fourth we call her Daisy,
don’t know why we called her that,
Because she’s very lazy,
and thinks she is a cat.
The fifth we named him Checkers
because he is black and white,
And the sixth is called Blackie,
because he’s as dark as the night,
The seventh just won’t sit still,
she’s always on the go,
Dancing and bouncing around,
so her name became Calypso,
Number eight we call her Buffy,
as she is nice and fluffy,
Number nine we call him Shark,
as his teeth are very spikey,
And the last pup is my favourite,
it’s my name which is Mikey.

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