Scruffy Little Kitten


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Scruffy Little Kitten

I was walking along nowhere special,
when I heard the tiniest cry,
I looked to see where it came from,
and saw two sad and frightened green eyes,
I knelt down to get a closer look,
and there in the bushes was a kitten,
the scruffiest little thing I have ever seen,
and from that moment on I was smitten.
I put my hand out oh so gently,
and its tongue popped out for a lick,
but when I went to stroke it,
Back to the bushes it popped real quick.
I talked to it softly for a little while,
then slowly it wandered back to me,
and rubbed its head against my hand,
and then jumped up on my knee.
That’s it I thought, you’re coming home,
you have found a friend in me,
I will look after you and care for you,
and it’s happy we both shall be.

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