Are you still looking for that extra special something?

Would you like a poem written just for you, to give to somebody special?  A greetings card perhaps?  Or maybe a photograph message, which is a poem placed over a photograph?  

We have a selection that you can look at in our Heaven Quotes and Poetry Delights pages above that will give you an idea of what we can do for you. 

Personalised Poetry

I love writing poetry for you.  I love seeing your reactions and feeling your happiness when I show you a poem I have written just for you. It might be for a special birthday or anniversary.  It may sadly be for a sympathy card when I know some of you will struggle trying to write the words to express your feelings. I like being able to put a photograph with the poem too. I can use either one of your special photographs or one of ours. 

customised poem for you
Estimating the Cost

I enjoy this so much that I don’t charge the earth to write you a poem.  It all depends on the content you give me,  as in the information about the person or their story, and how long it takes me to put all the words together using the best rhyming style that I feel will be appropriate to the story.  You may want me to use your photo rather than one of ours. I will always email you a draft copy of the poem to make sure you are completely happy with it. 

This poem was written for a man to give to his lady on their wedding day.  The photograph was of their hands and that of their children.

Personalised poetry
Sympathy Poem I-Can-See-You

This poem I wrote for a 14 year old boy who had just lost his Dad.  The original poem was a centre piece on a mural I designed for him that had photographs of them both. For personal reasons I am showing the poem on one of our photographs.   

This was written for a lady who had lost her closest friend of many years.  It has been a comfort to her.

Friendship Poems
I would love to hear about your ideas for your own poem. Let me help you and I will work my magic and make you something very special.
Poem For You