poem for you mum and I

My Mum

Since my Mum passed away I have written many poems about her on those special days like her birthday and the anniversary of her death. My poems have a way of bringing her closer in ways that ordinary words just can’t do. I hope you enjoy this one.

What can we say about our wonderful Mum?
It could easily fill a book,
From the day we were born she had to work hard,
As a cleaner, a nurse and a cook.

She was our best friend, our confidante,
She took our secrets with her when she died,
Oh how we will all miss her,
Now she’s gone to be by Dad’s side.

It never mattered how busy we made her,
And that she never stopped working all day,
She was always there when we needed help,
With school work, with partners, with play,

She was a wise lady beyond her years.
And stood up for us when we fell out with Dad,
It didn’t matter what trouble we got into,
And she made things seem not so bad.

I wonder what she’s doing with Dad now,
Is she taking that well earned break?
With a cup of tea and her feet up,
And eating a lovely cream cake.

I rather hope she is looking down on us,
And watching to see how we turn out,
With the odd helping hand now and then,
Of that I am sure there’s no doubt!

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