Hi everyone, this is my first poetry blog!

I started writing poetry as far back as I can remember.  I liked the feeling of putting words together so that they danced.  I loved rhyming the words and making them bounce and then I realised other people liked the same thing too.  They enjoyed reading my poems and I loved seeing the smiles cross their faces.  

I have written many poems, quotes and sayings since then and have over 700 of them safely tucked away in a database.  Sometimes I bring them out to play and to share as they cover a number of subjects, some humorous, some serious and some just nice to listen to.  Quite often there’s a message in them somewhere and one of my favourite pastimes is writing poetry for other people.

I have written a lot of sympathy poems because when someone loses a family member or a close friend it is very difficult to put into words how they feel.  They may be nervous about approaching them, they may not be sure what to say when they do see them.  These are the times when a greetings card or a photograph message can say the words for them.  I have lost both of my parents so on their special days, like birthdays, or the anniversary of their passing, I like to write a poem for them.  It makes me feel closer to them.

I hope you enjoy my poems as much as I have enjoyed writing them and I hope they help you. 

Take good care and happy reading,


Poem For You