Inspirational Poems

Sometimes life can get boring, we seem to walk along the same track, no hills, no valleys, just a long flat pathway.  Sometimes we need the highs to appreciate the lows even though we don’t want negative things to happen, and sometimes we need a little inspiration to get the excitement to flow through our veins.

We need to find the things in our lives that we get excited about, that we look forward to, that get us through these boring days.  

Poetry can help with this. Words can trigger past memories which in turn feed the dormant emotions just waiting below the surface, just waiting to be ignited.  I hope you enjoy reading my inspirational poems and that they help you get back to being the person who loved every minute of every day.

Poetry is also a gift that can be shared.  When you give someone a poem, you’re not just giving them a gift for themselves. You’re also giving them a gift that they can share with others. So if you know someone who needs a little lifting then consider a poem. It’s a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Poem For You