Sympathy Poem I-Can-See-You

I Can See You

Many years ago a good friend of mine called John, that I looked on as a grandfather, passed  away at the age of 70 leaving a young 14 year old son behind.  They were very close despite the big age gap. Before John died we used to talk about death.  He knew he didn’t have long and he wasn’t at all frightened by the idea.  He had a very high IQ so I said to him that if anyone could get a message from the other side it would be him.  He said he would do his best. 

A few days after he died I wanted to do something for his son so I made a mural of photos that I had of them both.  In the middle of the mural was a space.  It was sitting there waiting to be filled with something, so I asked John to write me a poem.  He used to write poems when he was alive, small humorous ones as he was a really funny guy with lots of humorous stories to tell and he also wrote some serious stuff with hidden meanings. I closed my eyes and thought of my question then these words started filling my mind.  I wrote them down.  This is how the poem “I Can See You” was born.  I have since used this poem for a number of people who have lost loved ones.  They say it has helped them tremendously.

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