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A Love Sublime

Sometimes we dont realise our own powers, Or the magic between husbands and wives, The Universe refers to this as ‘Love’, And with it we touch so many lives. The ‘Love’ for a friend is so special, It’s invisible but we know it is there, The love of a parent for their children, There’s nothing …

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One day, at a craft market where we used to show our photographs and poems, I was listening to two ladies who were on holiday. All they were doing was moaning about all sorts of different things.  I always thought holiodays were to make you feel better, more relaxed and chilled out.  Clearly these two …

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Angel Poetry

When You’re Feeling All Alone

Angels are beings of light and love, sent to guide and protect us. They are always with us, even when we can’t see them and they bring bring hope and inspiration. I have written many poems about Angels to help people who need to be lifted.

Sympathy Poem I-Can-See-You

I Can See You

Many years ago a good friend of mine called John, that I looked on as a grandfather, passed  away at the age of 70 leaving a young 14 year old son behind.  They were very close despite the big age gap. Before John died we used to talk about death.  He knew he didn’t have …

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poem for you mum and I

My Mum

Since my Mum passed away I have written many poems about her on those special days like her birthday and the anniversary of her death. My poems have a way of bringing her closer in ways that ordinary words just can’t do. I hope you enjoy this one. What can we say about our wonderful …

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