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A Love Sublime

Sometimes we dont realise our own powers, Or the magic between husbands and wives, The Universe refers to this as ‘Love’, And with it we touch so many lives. The ‘Love’ for a friend is so special, It’s invisible but we know it is there, The love of a parent for their children, There’s nothing like it that we can compare. We are fierce when it comes to our siblings, We’ll protect them till the end of time, Yet love is the most gentlest of powers. With a strength and a feeling sublime. And the love that we have is never ending, There is much for us to pass around, You can touch the lives of so many, It’s so powerful, nothing like it to be found!



One day, at a craft market where we used to show our photographs and poems, I was listening to two ladies who were on holiday. All they were doing was moaning about all sorts of different things.  I always thought holiodays were to make you feel better, more relaxed and chilled out.  Clearly these two ladies were either very unhappy or they were unaware that they were moaning!  I couldn’t resist but write this poem about them.

Friendship Poem A-Hand-to-Hold

A Hand To Hold

If we are very lucky we will have a friend, one who will stick by us through thick and thin, knowing what we need before we do.  A poem is a great way to say thank you without getting too soppy but just enough to get the message across.  A personalised poem will say so much more.  If you would like one written for you please get in touch.

Angel Poetry

When You’re Feeling All Alone

Angels are beings of light and love, sent to guide and protect us. They are always with us, even when we can’t see them and they bring bring hope and inspiration. I have written many poems about Angels to help people who need to be lifted.

Sympathy Poem I-Can-See-You

I Can See You

Many years ago a good friend of mine called John, that I looked on as a grandfather, passed  away at the age of 70 leaving a young 14 year old son behind.  They were very close despite the big age gap. Before John died we used to talk about death.  He knew he didn’t have long and he wasn’t at all frightened by the idea.  He had a very high IQ so I said to him that if anyone could get a message from the other side it would be him.  He said he would do his best.  A few days after he died I wanted to do something for his son so I made a mural of photos that I had of them both.  In the middle of the mural was a space.  It was sitting there waiting to be filled with something, so I asked John to write me a poem.  He used to write poems when he was alive, small humorous ones as he was a really funny guy with lots of humorous stories to tell and he also wrote some serious stuff with hidden meanings. I closed my eyes and thought of my question then these words started filling my mind.  I wrote them down.  This is how the poem “I Can See You” was born.  I have since used this poem for a number of people who have lost loved ones.  They say it has helped them tremendously.

Michael and Marilyn Photographers

The Man in My Life

I speak from the heart when I say that you are the reason I feel happy when I wake up every day. You are the spring to my step and the sunlight in my life. You make every season seem like summer and when it’s cold you warm me up from the inside out. I don’t need a poem to show you how I feel, I am just saying it as it is. Life with you is beautiful just as you are, and I love you in every way, each and every minute of the day.

My daughter Chloe

My Little Princess

From a tiny little baby, So perfect and so sweet, Has grown a beautiful young lady, One of the best you’ll ever meet. My amazing little princess, Became the centre of my life, A tiny piece of heaven, Amongst the struggles and the strife. A mother’s love is different, An invisible bond we share, No matter the distance between us, This feeling will always be there. Each step that my daughter has taken, I have always been by her side, If not in person then mentally, I will never stop being her guide.

poem for you mum and I

My Mum

Since my Mum passed away I have written many poems about her on those special days like her birthday and the anniversary of her death. My poems have a way of bringing her closer in ways that ordinary words just can’t do. I hope you enjoy this one. What can we say about our wonderful Mum?It could easily fill a book,From the day we were born she had to work hard,As a cleaner, a nurse and a cook. She was our best friend, our confidante,She took our secrets with her when she died,Oh how we will all miss her,Now she’s gone to be by Dad’s side. It never mattered how busy we made her,And that she never stopped working all day,She was always there when we needed help,With school work, with partners, with play, She was a wise lady beyond her years.And stood up for us when we fell out with Dad,It didn’t matter what trouble we got into,And she made things seem not so bad. I wonder what she’s doing with Dad now,Is she taking that well earned break?With a cup of tea and her feet up,And eating a lovely cream cake. I rather hope she is looking down on us,And watching to see how we turn out,With the odd helping hand now and then,Of that I am sure there’s no doubt!

Hi everyone, this is my first poetry blog!

I started writing poetry as far back as I can remember.  I liked the feeling of putting words together so that they danced.  I loved rhyming the words and making them bounce and then I realised other people liked the same thing too.  They enjoyed reading my poems and I loved seeing the smiles cross their faces.   I have written many poems, quotes and sayings since then and have over 700 of them safely tucked away in a database.  Sometimes I bring them out to play and to share as they cover a number of subjects, some humorous, some serious and some just nice to listen to.  Quite often there’s a message in them somewhere and one of my favourite pastimes is writing poetry for other people. I have written a lot of sympathy poems because when someone loses a family member or a close friend it is very difficult to put into words how they feel.  They may be nervous about approaching them, they may not be sure what to say when they do see them.  These are the times when a greetings card or a photograph message can say the words for them.  I have lost both of my parents so on their special days, like birthdays, or the anniversary of their passing, I like to write a poem for them.  It makes me feel closer to them. I hope you enjoy my poems as much as I have enjoyed writing them and I hope they help you.  Take good care and happy reading, Marilyn

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