A poem can make a great gift

“A poem expresses a writer’s feelings. A good poem taps into the emotions and finds the words with the right meaning. A great poem makes a difference to the recipient and to the writer.“

A poem can paint a picture and a picture can paint a thousand words…..

Are there times when you struggle to find just the right words to comfort your loved ones, your friends?

Sad times – life can be tough for some…..

Sickness – we all of us have been there…..

Bereavement – a time when people need us the most and we find it the hardest time to comfort…..

If you can't find the right words, the right poem, the right level of empathy.....
Poem For You
​Let me find just the right words for you….

Let me take the worry out of what to do, what to write, how to say just the right thing. Let me solve your problem so that you can stop worrying about it.  

Poem for you in a picture frame

For a person who has everything, a poem can be something they have never had before, something they can look at every day and smile.

Horse laughing Poem For You

Poetry can be funny too….. a reason to laugh….. and what a great way to spread humour!

Horse laughing Poem For You

All it takes is an email, a call, or a text and leave the rest to me….

Let me work my magic and make you a personalised card.

Poem For You